The Real Health Benefits Of Eating Organic – A Complete Guide

At a lot of emphases is paid to eating the healthy and organic diet. Here is how an organic diet is beneficial for you.

The way your food is grown has an impact on your mental and emotional health. The organic food contains more nutrients and those who suffer from some symptoms because of eating food grown with chemicals see that the symptoms are no more there when they switch to organic food.

Health benefits

Here is why you should consume organic food.

  • Contains fewer pesticides

The organic foods contain less of herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, which are used a lot in the traditional methods of farming.

  • Are fresh

The organic food does not contain preservatives and thus it is much fresher and also lasts for long.

  • Environmental friendly

The organic produce reduces the level of pollution and helps to conserve water and also helps to reduce soil erosion. This thus uses less energy and increases the fertility of the soil. This makes organic farming very environmentally friendly.

  • No growth hormones or antibiotics

The animals that are raised organically are healthy because these are not given any antibiotics or fed the animal byproducts. This keeps them healthy and thus the products that we get from healthy animals let us stay healthy.

  • Rich in nutrients

The organic milk and meat are rich in many nutrients. It has been studied that the omega 3 fatty acids were higher by 50 percent in the organic milk and organic meat as compared to what was raised conventionally.

  • Free of GMO

The genetically modified organisms or GMOs are those that have been modified such that they cannot stay in nature. These are resistant to the pesticides or these could produce some insecticides. Basically, they are those that cannot exist naturally. The organic food is free of GMO.