The Best Tips To Stay Warm When Hunting In Cold Weather

If you plan to hunt in the extreme cold weathers, then this is how you can beat the cold. Do not let the cold stop you from hunting when you read the dreamguides article on how to save yourself from the cold using these effective and inexpensive methods.

Use cardboard

Use a piece of cardboard and keep it under your feet. This helps to block the cold from entering your shoes. You can use strips of cardboard and stuff them in to prevent the cold air to get to you. Even if you wear the best shoes, it is still highly unlikely that the cold air will not gush on. Thus, cardboard helps to keep warm.

Supplement the insulation

Use boot blankets to supplement the insulation. If you are prone to cold feet then this is a must. The boot blankets are not very expensive and it works great. All that you need to do is to slip them over your hunting boots and place some heat packs between them to stay warm.

Buy heat packs

There are many disposable heat packs that you can purchase. There are also many designed to keep the large parts of your body warm. Keep these around your body.

Eat and drink right

You do not want the blood sugar level to spike which makes you cold. So make sure that your diet consists of complex carbohydrates and consumer seeds, nuts, beans that are protein-rich etc. Stay away from food items that are high in trans or saturated fats. Also, make sure that you drink hot water through the day that will not get you dehydrated and will keep you warm.

Do not let the cold weather stop you from hunting. Try these effective ways to keep yourself warm when you play your favorite sport even in the chilly winter nights.