Appreciate Veterans

Some Amazing Ways Veterans Can Be Appreciated

As Veterans Day approaches, you can make a difference in the lives of so many veterans, people who fought, people who were in the military all their lives so that we, the general public can live in peace. Just thanking them itself can go such a long way, but an act of kindness can mean so much more for them. In this article, I have provided some ways that you can show the vets that you actually appreciate their so many years of service and also all the sacrifices that they made.

–    When you see a veteran in a café or a restaurant, the least you can do is thank them for their services. You can also pick up the tab for their meal or their coffee. If you feel that you don’t want them to know that you have done that, you can tell the barista or the waiter to make sure that it is done anonymously. This will actually mean a lot to them and even make their day. You can even pick up their bill if they are filling their car up in a gas station or you can pay for their groceries, etc.

–    If you know any veterans, make sure that you drive them once in awhile to wherever they want to go, preferably a doctor’s appointment. A lot of veterans actually have trouble getting around, if you have a valid driver’s license, you can go and volunteer at the Department of Veterans Affairs (DAV), and therefore you can go and volunteer there and make sure that you help some of them.

–    You can help train a service dog. Service dogs have proven to be of great help to veterans with disabilities. Some of them have PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorders) and these dogs actually help them rediscover their mental and physical independence. It would take almost 2 years and almost $30,000 to properly train a service dog and therefore, donations and also volunteers are very integral for the success of this program. There are so many organizations where you can volunteer. Patriot Paws and Puppy Jake are just two of so many out there.

–    Replace a normal light bulb with a green bulb. A project called “Greenlight a Vet” is a simple way to actually remind people and ourselves that veterans had to make so many sacrifices for the country. It is a small way of showing that you appreciate them. Just purchase a green bulb and place it either in your backyard or in your porch lamp. It is ideally situated in a place which is visible to people, so if a veteran happens to see them, they can be glad seeing them people still appreciate them.

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