How Financial Loss can have Negative Effects on Health

According to an Analysis published in JAMA, if people end up losing 75 percent of their wealth in two years, the chances of their death increase by 50 in the coming two decades. This was surprising; a 50 percent increase in death risk is a lot of intake.

Besides the increased death risk, there numerous other health issues that surface once someone is hit by a financial loss. In this article, we are going to focus on some of the health issues are arises due to financial disaster.

  • Financial Stress

Financial stress can lead to series of health problems. In worst case, people are will exclude themselves from social gathering. They will not be able to face even their friends and family. Isolating them self will further increase the stress level and make things worse.

  • Gastrointestinal Problems

Some people tend to face gastrointestinal problem when they are all worked up. They are unable to control it. As their situation becomes bad, their gastrointestinal problem becomes worse.

  • Weight Gain

A lot of people tend to start eating a lot when they are suffering from crisis, especially Financial crisis. This is how their mechanism works. The body tends to require a lot of energy to function and one ends up with a lot of unwanted weight.

  • Heart Disease

Time and again studies have shown that stress has a direct impact on your heart. When you are going through a financial situation, your heart is the first organ that is going to bear the impact. In worst case, people get a heart attack and they are unable to make it through.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is another disease that people develop due to constant tension and anxiety, something a bad financial situation is going to cause. To make things worse, people even stop paying head to their lifestyle. They eat a lot of crabs and stop going to the gym.

Other disease like insomnia, eating disorders, high blood pressure, Psoriasis, substance abuse and many more can be due to financial problem. However,  you can avoid all this by reaching out to They will be able to help you in every sort of financial situation.