Five Tips To Help Your Puppy Grow Healthy

Having a puppy running around the house can be a lot of fun and immense joy especially for the kids in the house. Along with all those cuddles and wet noses, the puppy needs more than just a place to run around and people to lick. He needs proper care and nutrition just like any child, to grow into a healthy dog.

Here are five tips to ensure your pup has a healthy growth:

  1. Food

Dogs can eat what we eat but dog food is there for a reason. Dos and pups need more than what our food can give them. Do not hesitate to buy food specifically designed for your type of puppy. Today dog food comes in varieties of different breeds; age, etc. Choose wisely and let your puppy eat to his content.

  1. Physical Activity

Puppies have abundant energy. Ensure they have the proper venue to spend all this energy, else they will get lethargic, inactive and even depressed. Take them out for walks, runs, parks, etc where they can have more space to run around, chase birds, etc. Let them explore, sniff around and keep themselves physically active.

  1. Train Them

It is important to train your puppy so that he grows into a well-mannered dog that you can control and depend upon. Training does not include just sit and stand commands, but potty training as well. Get him the best dog training pads and let him learn to relieve himself only on this. This will ensure you have a clean house and don’t have to run around with a scooper to clean after your dog even on the shortest of your walks.

  1. Socialize

Let your puppy meet other puppies and dogs an learn to socialize with both dogs and humans. This is very important to ensure they behave appropriately when in the company.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is very important for your pup as well. invest in a good dog bed that is made for his size and let him get some good rest at the end of the day and as and when he wants to nap.