9 Foods To Avoid To Reduce High Cholesterol Risk

A lot of us just love munching all the time and keep our mouth and appetite satisfied with various delicacies either by preparing it or buying it with the help of Movo Movo. All this munching and habit of eating all the time is fine up until we reach a certain age.

High cholesterol is one such condition which leads to a heart condition so here are few foods you can avoid:

  1. Liver: Even though it is rich in iron, it adds a lot of cholesterol to the body since the liver is the organ which the basic origin of cholesterol.
  2. Muffins: The method in which muffins are made matter since it will decide whether it is healthy or not. If it is prepared with low-fat substance it is healthy or else if it is cooked in a traditional way it will add up a little bit of fat.
  3. Margarine: This was initially thought of as a good alternative of butter with respect to health but this is also composed of high cholesterol.
  4. Popcorn: The manner in which it is prepared will show how healthy it is, hence if it is microwaved by adding butter, oil and salt will increase the cholesterol level.
  5. Baked and Packed Food: These might seem like a good midnight snack like cookies, cake, cupcake but they are loaded with high cholesterol.
  6. Shellfish: No doubt that there are several benefits to eating it, but people with high cholesterol should avoid it.
  7. Mac and Cheese: This is America’s most eaten food, but the substances that make this delicacy all a lot of cholesterol.
  8. Hamburgers: A burger loaded with beef will have about 85 mg to 175 mg of cholesterol in it.
  9. Fried Chicken: Anything fried sounds very tasty but a chicken that is fried has more cholesterol than a hamburger.