8 Things Men Can Expect During A Urologist Office Visit

As a man, you might be wondering what to expect when you visit a urologist for the first time in your life. However, before you even start analyzing the possible outcomes, ensure that you are first completely aware of who urologists are and what they generally deal with. Well, urologists are those physicians who specialize in the genitourinary tract. This includes human organs such as kidneys, urinary bladder, adrenal glands, urethra as well as male reproductive organs. In addition to this, they also look into major male fertility issues. These doctors are also proficient in conducting surgeries and treatments to cure problems that might have occurred in these organs due to some infection or any other problem existing in the body.

Things to expect on your first visit

So, if you are a first-timer at a urologist’s office, here is what you should be prepared to expect-

  • Since you would be required to provide your urine same, make sure that your bladder is not empty.

  • To find out the core problem, you will be expected to fill out a questionnaire. Make sure to fill correct information in it to have the process conducted accurately.

  • Make sure you share with the doctor about all the medications you have taken till now and what all drugs you were indulged in for the last few months.

  • You might be taken through a physical exam where your genitals will be examined along with a rectum exam.

  • Once the problem has been understood, the doctor will share the details with you and apprise you about the treatment for the condition. You must take all their advice seriously and follow the steps suggested by them.

  • There might be some imaging studies too involved in this procedure. Here, they will analyze your kidneys and other organs to find out if there any other major problems.

  • It is expected that you might panic during the examinations. Do not take the stress and keep calm for the specialists to complete the procedures.

  • If the doctor recommends you to visit him or her after a specific period of time again, ensure to do that under all circumstances.

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