DayJuly 4, 2018

Find Out Why Using Natural Health Products Is Better Than Prescription Drugs

“There is a consequence for every action and choice” and that statement holds true even in this case of whether or not natural health products are better than pharmaceutical products.

Although prescription drugs have helped in so many ways to cure so many illnesses, truth is natural or herbal medicine have been used for much longer. People are also going back to the roots and are now relying on herbal supplements natural medicine, most people opt for garcinia after reading five star garcinia cambogia reviews, and they never looked back.

Natural medicine has so many advantages and seems safe but is not yet clinically proven but prescription drugs has strict regulations but isn’t always safe. You now wonder which is the best solution for your condition

Prescription drugs could be life-savers and help cure terrible and severe medical problems but there are doctors who have a tendency to over prescribe these drugs with so many unpleasant side effects.

Using prescription drugs could also mean that we are always masking or treating symptoms without even touching or fixing the main cause of the problem. Most prescription drugs are designed to do exactly that. They treat symptoms of conditions instead of going to the root cause of the condition and repairing it. But natural products, do the opposite. They help to treat the main cause of the problem rather than just taking away symptoms.

Natural products work effectively and they have credence which is why pharmaceutical companies model so many drugs after the plants. They study these plants take extracts from them and patent them as drugs.

Natural medicine and products also have another edge over prescription products because of the lesser chemicals and lesser side effects they cause. So many prescription drugs have so many heavy metals and toxic chemicals that make them less effective. While so many compounds used in modern medicine are said to be derived from plants and other natural products, it feels safer, easier and healthier to use the herbs directly.