MonthJune 2018

Important Tips for Men’s Wellness and Health

Being healthy is not a choice, it’s a requisite, men everyday are losing their lives to cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, diseases of various kinds, etc… being healthy is not an easy task but it isn’t a hard one either, with proper dieting, nutrition, exercise and the such, you can easily become healthier and a better person at it, here are some great tips for men’s wellness and health that you can start implementing today.

  • Get your sex life back on track

Whether you don’t have the libido, or you don’t have the sexual drive, or you have erectile dysfunction (which may be countered by Penis stretchers – This is the penis stretcher I would buy – be sure to exercise due caution, however.). A healthy sex life with a partner is needed for a healthy relationship, especially with older men. Make sure to take the right vitamins, supplements and the right diet to make this possible.

  • If you are overweight and your BFP (Body fat percentage) is above 30%, try going on a Keto diet

Keto diet is short for Ketogenic diets, which are high fat, high protein and low carb diets that limit net carbs (Total carbs disregarding Fiber) to below 30 grams a day for moderate Ketosis and below 20 grams a day for intense and deep ketosis, the diet forces you to make good choices and also induces high-calorie deficits by the nature of the diet itself (high protein and fat content makes you feel full at lower levels of consumption). If you are at a BMI of above 25 and a BFP of above 30%, then Keto should work especially well for you because Keto will force your body to metabolize more fat.…

6 Surprising Reasons To Sleep For Healthier Skin

Sleep is an integral part of our body. It helps us to keep energetic and keep our skin healthy. A bad night sleep can lead to increased hormone levels in the blood.  Hormones like cortisol, increase so much inside the body, that it can lead to more inflammation and stress. The health of the skin also suffers, with diseases like eczema or something like atopic dermatitis. Therefore, a good night sleep is very much necessary is keeping your skin fresh and alive. Following are some of the best reasons that will surprise you with why sleep is good for a healthier skin.

Six Reasons To Sleep Well Just For Your Skin


  • Insufficient Sleep Will Worsen The Skin Condition


Various types of skin problems, like acne, dermatitis, allergy, etc. are common problems that are associated with not having a good sleep. Therefore, this condition will lead to more out of pocket costs for numerous skin treatments and skin care, which will follow suit.

  • The Beauty Of The Skin Will Be Lessened


The more inflammation the skin has, the more collagen and as well as Hyaluronic Acid will start to break down. These things make the skin more beautiful and give it upliftment. Breakdown of such things will lead to loss of beautiful skin tone.

  • The Skin Will Be Susceptible To Diseases


Diseases like Psoriasis will be a common thing for one of those many skin problems. It is reported that people having severe Psoriasis have more risks for attacks on the heart. Therefore, sleep is utmost necessary.

  • Insufficient Sleep Will Lead To Water Imbalance In The Skin


Sleeping is very much necessary to maintain a good water balance inside the skin cells. The cells keep the moisture in good levels and non-sleeping can lead to a loss of moisture. That makes the skin more wrinkled and dry. Not to mention dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, using some of the best sleep mask out there, I absolutely love sleep mask which can really help in improving the condition of the dark circles.

  • The Ageing Process Will Be Accelerated


Sleeping helps in repairment of skin cells by release of growth hormones. The less sleep, the fewer cells will get to be repaired – thus leading to the increased state of the ageing process of a person.

  • Insufficient Sleep Leads To Weight Gain


The more good sleep one experiences, the less hungry that person will be after sleeping. Weight is managed by sleep. Bad sleep will lead to more appetite, and thus in-taking more food more will lead to more weight gain.…